Choosing the Right dog cart for your handicapped dog

Published: 15th September 2010
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Nowadays, disabled and handicapped dogs can regain their normal life by using a dog wheelchair. These consists of comfortable harnesses attached to frames on wheels. These allow disabled mutts the freedom to move about by themselves and get the exercise they need. They are designed to help hurt or disabled dogs. Therefore, if your pet seems to be afflicted by disability due to a disease, an injury, an accident, or any hereditary condition, the k9 cart provides the best solution to help it overcome this situation. Wheelchairs for canines are designed to not just help them recover from their disability, but to help them emotionally too.

k9 wheels are chiefly designed to aid dogs with hip and leg troubles like degenerative myelopathy (DM), hip dysplasia, neurological ailments, surgical recuperation, etc. A good number of handicapped pets suffer from spinal cord problems, paralysis, arthritis, soreness, slipped disc, or hip dislocations. A few of the general causes of dogs needing wheels are hip dysplasia, disc diseases, ruptured discs, spinal cord injuries, fractured back, arthritis, chronic leg weakness, front and back leg amputation, paralysis, neurological diseases.

Due to neurological afflictions, wound and disease hind limb paresis or paraplegia can set in dogs. A pet who cannot walk afflicted with these conditions, as well as those recuperating from hind limb surgeries, may gain a lot by using a k9 wheels. Research has suggested that by using a k9 cart, dogs can live a comfortable and good life, besides assisting the owners with care giving.

In finding the right pet wheels for your handicapped pet, you must get the ideal one, based on the condition your dog is suffering from. This is because there are diverse kinds of k9 carts available.

You have to determine whether your pet is having a problem in the back or front legs, and whether it is a temporary or permanent problem. Various types of dog wheels and carts support the back, front, or all four legs. These are intended for particular conditions and have different features like stirrups, training wheels, counterbalanced carts, and counterweights for amputees.

There are numerous kinds of dog carts designed by several manufacturers, effectively benefiting the handicapped dogs. The correct means to know dog wheelchairs is to suitably examine as to how it has to be used by your pet. For example, in better wheelchairs, the dog sports a harness that is connected with its clips to the cart's frame. In some lesser carts the dog is hoisted into a fixed saddle.

The features to look are are adjustability; make sure the cart adjusts length, with, and height, return policy, ability to fold flat for travel and storage, and how fast it can be shipped. Many of the custom carts which require numerous measurements and several weeks to build are not suitable as they cannot be adjusted to fit and cannot be re-sold when no longer need them. The best dog wheelchair, with these in mind, is the Walkin' Wheels for Handicapped Pets.

A dog wheel chair will help your disabled dog live a happy, healthy life.

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